Would you like to start renovating your electrical installation? The use of a good professional is all the more important as a quarter of the domestic fires are due to faulty installations. Several quality criteria must be considered when choosing an electrician installer.

Here are some tips for choosing your professional:

  • Ask him his qualifications

In addition to a qualifying training (from the CAP to the BTS) validated by a diploma, Qualifelec qualifying body allows to assess the skills of companies operating in the field of electricity. Ask the installer with whom you want to work if he is qualified by this organization.

  • Make sure that the work conforms to the standard

Electrical installation work is subject to precise standards. The standard NF C 15-100 refers. Talk to your electrician, to make sure he will renovate your installation in accordance with this standard. This is the guarantee of the safety of your installation and its adaptation to your daily needs.

  • Use your network

Word of mouth is often a good way to find a competent installer. In addition, do not hesitate to ask for references from previous customers.

  • Check that the professional is well insured

Remember to check with the professional with whom you want to work that he has subscribed the insurance essential to the exercise of his activity:

  • property damage insurance, for any damage it may cause you. Ask for a certificate of professional liability insurance;
  • the ten-year guarantee, for large-scale renovations;
  • the guarantee of the delivery time, which commits the professional to respect the predefined deadlines.
  • Learn about the health of the company

The date of creation of the company and its turnover are two talking indicators, which will give you an idea of ​​the reliability of the company and the experience of the professional. You can inquire at the registry of the Commercial Court of your department or by consulting the websites www.infogreffe.com or www.verif.com .

  • Pay attention to quotes

Do not hesitate to call several companies and compare the quotes that will be available. The quote is a reflection of the seriousness of a company, a guarantee of professionalism. Be wary of imprecise quotes and require the mention of the dates of execution. To be serious, a quote must include: the price including taxes, start and end dates, payment terms and late fees.